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Canadian BMX Day is BACK!!!

If you happen to be in Canada and not in the USA on the 4th of July, then you better attend the Canadian BMX Day.
The Jam/BBQ will be put on by Sensus Grips team rider Mike Gray.
Go stack some clips, get some good, and grab the sweetest rubber around. There will be a ton of prizes, and chances to show off.

Can BMX Day

Cruz Fest Photo Epic – Old News about dirt doggin…

Cruz Fest was awesome, and when the final edit finally comes out, people will most likely just start going up in flames. Spontaneous Combustion is real, and smelly.

Click the pic for the link.

Sage Jordy Cruz Fest

Bobby Lamirande – ROBBED!

The podium should have been reversed. Bobby had the cleanest run, most style, and most original tricks. Either way, a 3rd place finish for Sensus rider Bobby Lamirande.

Matt MacDuff wins Night Harvest – Domination started early this year…

Matt MacDuff is one of the newest members of the Sensus Grips team, and is already fitting right in. This guy knows how to party, and clearly knows how to ride. Click the picture to read the story over at Pinkbike.com


Photo Credits: Pinkbike.com, Eric Palmer, and Wayne Reiche.


Toronto BMX Jam Highlights – Bezanzon is Bazanas

This contest always has top notch riding from riders you typically never hear much from. This edit has our boy Steven Moxley stacking tech clips as usual. Disappointed that it doesn’t show Bezanson eating shit off the ledge before he pulls the 270 drop in. I suggest you look it up.


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